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Women's Self-Defense  level 1 - Age 13 and Up
No current class scheduled for just this course Willmar MN ($20 per person)

This is an introduction and beginning to Women's Self-Defense. Women and men are not created equally physically though women can employ techniques that makes size and strength irrelevant. The Women's Self-Defense level 1 training provides realistic, effective self-defense training, as well as truth and myths of Women's Self-Defense. All Women will receive a 1/2 ounce pepper spray for attending this training course.

Topics covered-

     - Awareness
     - Prevention
     - Risk Reduction
     - Risk Avoidance
     - Self-realization of your own physical power
     - Use of OC/Pepper spray

Self Defense Class for Men and Women ages 13 and up
Next class August 26th 2014, 6:00PM to 9:00PM Willmar MN ($20 per person)

The techniques taught are based upon components of acceptability which are documented tactical, legal, and medical research. Training is based upon most common types of resistance/attacks, and based upon a persons needs rather than a series of self-defense techniques. This training is based upon defensibility in court, training invokes the use of reasonable force based upon medical research supporting the techniques.

Introduction Civilian Response to Active Shooter/Mass Murder
Services for this class can be contracted contact us for training.

Statistics and probability show that it is civilians that are more likely to encounter confront and end an active shooter/mass murder incident. Yet it is law enforcement that spends hours preparing for such events and civilians very little. This course is geared toward Permit to Carry/Concealed Carry Weapons holders, Security guards whether armed or unarmed, school administrators/employees and any organization that has large groups/gatherings. This course will be instructed by means of lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practical exercises. This course is taught by Eric Holien full time law enforcement offier, assistant SWAT team leader, instructor trainer and instructor for law enforcement Rapid Deployment to Active Shooter. Instructor certification for Law Enforcement was received by National Tactical Officers Association in Firestone Colorado and trained with and along side officer/s that responded to Columbine and Platte Canyon School shootings and the nations leading experts in Active Shooter Response. 

topics covered are-

     - Historical overview of active shooter US and abroad
     - Legal responsibilities of permit to carry holder/security
     - Responding to active shooter event solo response, dual response, and with your family
     - Proper selection of and use of cover
     - Close Quarters Pistol Training
     - Response to incidents in narrow/large open environment
     - Shoot don't shoot situations
     - First aid for self and victims
     - What to do when law enforcement arrives
     - Dealing with the after effects of incident


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